Brits pay the most traffic tickets in Italy and Netherlands

Brits pay the most traffic tickets in Italy and Netherlands

Brits pay the most traffic tickets in Italy and Netherlands

Brits pay the most traffic tickets in Italy. According to data collected by PayTicket, British tourists receive the highest number of fines in Italy and the Netherlands. The report revealed that 88% of fines are issued to men and only 12% to women. The average driver is subject to a fine of 90 euros (101 US dollars) if held responsible, as the report shows.

Typical Italian fines: what you have to pay attention to

The continuous increase in the number of tourists in Europe has led to a massive increase in fines for motorists. From motorway toll fines to parking fees and speeding fines, British tourists are often penalized when driving in the Schengen area, where regulations differ from one city to another and from one border to another.

Italy is the first country for fines, partly because of its chaotic driving culture and problematic roads. Acquetico, which is on the Italian-French border, has registered 58,000 drivers who have traveled at speeds in excess of 135 km/hour in just under two weeks, despite being an area of 50 km/hour.

It is no coincidence that foreign tourists visiting Italy may incur a series of typically Italian fines. For example, very often those who come to Italy on holiday do not know the limited traffic zones ZTL. In most tourist destinations, these areas are located in the historical center and any contravention is reported to a video surveillance system, which signals what are the cars that circulate in areas not accessible by vehicles.

Also with regard to tolls, in Italy, those who circulate on national motorways should know that whenever you want to enter/exit the motorway itself, you have to pay a fee for the toll. Our system, however, provides that the payment may not be successful, but the system still allows you to continue your journey. Afterward, however, you will be notified of the non-payment.

Speed limits on Italian roads

Pay attention to speed limits, as the English Highway Code is different from the Italian one, you may face unpleasant penalties. In fact, in the United Kingdom an imperial metric system is adopted in which the speed is expressed in miles per hour. For urban roads you can reach a maximum of 30 mph (48 km/h); extra-urban roads 60 mph (96 km/h) while for motorways 70 mph (112 km/h).

Art. 201 of the Highway Code provides that for those who are resident abroad, the notification must be made within 360 days of the offence and the sanction is prescribed in five years.

Dutch discipline

The Netherlands also issue a high number of fines, with speed limit signs being applied alongside traffic control cameras in urban areas. In addition, fixed average speed controls, first introduced in the Netherlands, now operate in the Randstad region.

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