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The biker and the wolf

The tale of the biker and the wolf: two souls, one being

The biker

Have you ever heard of the tale of the biker and the wolf? If you’ve never heard of that, here it is…

A wolf embodies perfectly a biker, sharing with him the same attitude, way of act and living.

Therefore, a biker is a lonely man, who is always ready to start for new adventures on his bike, living all the emotions and sensations that the engine’s vibrations and sound give to him.

The biker’s dream is to run into the world along its many roads, enjoying beautiful landscapes and experiencing unique trips.

Yes, because owning a bike it’s not just a passion, but much more. It’s a way of life.

Being a biker means feeling a fire inside you and letting it burn, taking care of your beloved vehicle and run it through the world.

However, everything is better if shared with someone else. So the rider also has a strong sense of belonging to the group.

Which biker doesn’t share trips, destinations, tips, and tricks with his friends?

Which biker doesn’t help a friend in trouble encountered on the road?

Which biker can’t wait for the next motorcycle rally to share his passion with others?

the tale of the biker and the wolf
the tale of the biker and the wolf

The wolf

Exactly as a biker, a wolf acts and lives. In fact a wolf is a lonely and audacious animal.

The king of the woods control his kingdom without giving up living in packs, which he still needs to live.

In fact, there is no wolf without a pack, just as there is no pack without wolves.

Like the biker, the wolf is part of a pack even if it’s alone, engaged in some hunting on his own.

For this reason, the wolf can be considered as the spirit animal of the biker, his incarnation, his perfect metaphor.

At the same time, the pack and its dynamics perfectly represent how bikers meet and help each other.

But just as in every pack a wolf emerges and stands out for its incredible qualities to the point of becoming the leader of the pack, so too among motorcyclists there is a very special one.

the tale of the biker and the wolf


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