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Why bikers choose WOOLF

Why bikers choose WOOLF? A smart device for every style

Why bikers choose WOOLF?

WOOLF it’s not just a device that assists you in driving. WOOLF is a device born and thought to be good for every style. So, which one is yours?

WOOLF devices

WOOLF devices are the only ones on the world market that warn you by vibrating about the approaching of different types of speed cameras.

The WOOLF/Moto wristbands are wearable devices designed specifically for bikers who often do not have the possibility to use external devices.

Instead, WOOLF/Ring, the last product arrived in the WOOLF family, was born to be the pocket version of WOOLF devices. It’s suitable for anyone!

Small and elegant, WOOLF/Ring is the perfect object to show off with family and friends.

Thanks to WOOLF/Ring, you won’t forget your vehicle keys ever again!
At the same time, it works exactly as the WOOLF/Moto wristbands.

Why bikers choose WOOLF: A smart device for every style.

WOOLF/Moto Airforce Blue

WOOLF/Moto Airforce Blue stands out thanks to its characteristic blue leather and central red, blue, and white stitchings.

The blue of the leather is inspired by the typical color of a clear sky.

Instead, the red, blue and white central stitches want to recall the typical color of one of the most loved motorcycle brands.

So, WOOLF/Moto Airforce Blue is the perfect model for all the REAL WOLVES OF THE ROAD who are into design and esthetics without giving up function and performance.

Why bikers choose WOOLF
Why bikers choose WOOLF/Moto AirForce Blue

WOOLF/Moto Carbon

WOOLF/Moto Carbon is the flagship model of the whole WOOLF/Moto wristband collection.

In fact, bikers love the external carbon surface! It gives their wristband that shiny touch that makes it even more elegant and exclusive.

Don’t worry about comfort! WOOLF/Moto Carbon retains the typical leather interior as all the other wristbands of WOOLF/Moto collection.

However, WOOLF doesn’t forget style! The central red stitchings recall the colour of passion, which drives and distinguishes the biker.

We also want to pay homage to a prestigious motorcycle brand, that is, such as WOOLF, 100% Italian.

So, WOOLF/Moto Carbon is the perfect wristband for all the real WOLVES OF THE ROAD who burn with passion, looking for exclusivity and power.

Why bikers choose WOOLF
Why bikers choose WOOLF/Moto Carbon

WOOLF/Moto Dark & Dark Long

WOOLF/Moto Dark is the basic model of the WOOLF/Moto wristband collection.

Why choosing it? WOOLF/Moto Dark is the simple and essential model, the wristband for everyone.

You see? That’s why bikers choose WOOLF: it’s smart device for every style!

Its black color makes it elegant and discreet.
At the same time, WOOLF/Moto Dark is able to adapt to any type of technical clothing and style.

Its central anthracite stretchings make it unique in all its simplicity!

Moreover, the WOOLF/Moto Dark model is the only one in our collection also available in the Long size.

Our team wants to give everyone the chance to wear a WOOLF/Moto wristband.

So, WOOLF/Moto Dark wants to be the right model for the REAL WOLVES OF THE ROAD who can appreciate the beauty of simple things.

Therefore, WOOLF/Moto Dark wants to be the perfect wristband for everyone.

Why bikers choose WOOLF
Why bikers choose WOOLF/Moto Dark


The latest addition to the WOOLF family is WOOLF/Ring, the connected keychain you can always carry with you.

It’s a tiny and elegant object to proudly show off with friends and family, something that is beautiful and useful at the same time.

In fact, thanks to WOOLF/Ring, you won’t ever forget your vehicle keys again!

We also care about style: the black leather makes WOOLF/Ring extremely elegant and suitable for everything.

Moreover, the central anthracite stitchings and the wolf’s stud make it even more esthetically appealing.

It’s the indispensable accessory to always carry with you, the perfect gift to give yourself or your friends!

Why bikers choose WOOLF
Why bikers choose WOOLF/Ring

So that’s why bikers choose WOOLF: it’s a smart device for every style.

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