EICMA 2020: CANCELLED? Let’s talk about it!

Are you a two wheels lover? Then you can’t miss one of the biggest events in the world concerning the world of motorbikes: EICMA. 
For all the bikers of the world, the Milan show is one of the most eagerly awaited events to get to know the new proposals of motorcycle manufacturers. 

Unfortunately, you will have to wait next year. EICMA was postponed the last 26 of June, due to the current health emergency.

Last year, during EICMA 2019, there was a record attendance. Compared to the previous year there was an increase of +47.54%.

These are record numbers, and they demonstrate the importance of one of the most renowned trade fair events in our country.  

In fact, there are several manufacturers that have decided not to participate in the event, first of all BMW and KTM. So, the decision was probably taken in response to these facts.


The two giants of the motoring world decided to forfeit as soon as the Covid-19 emergency also appeared in Europe. This categorical decision was too premature for some people. 

However, the two motorcycle manufacturers wanted to stress that the safety of all those involved, must have absolute priority.

In a note, KTM stressed that it would be grateful to the EICMA organizers if they would consider moving the event to 2021. Hopefully, the situation will be back to normal. 


In the meantime, in the last few days the official news has arrived about the cancellation of another much awaited event by motorcycle lovers: the Intermot fair in Cologne. 

The event, which was supposed to take place from 6 to 11 October 2020, has been cancelled. Many people think that the same thing will happen for EICMA 2020. 

According to the organizers, Intermot presented too many problems from the point of view of safety management. The space is small and the flow of visitors is always very high.

Bikers will have to wait until 2022 to return to experience the emotions of the famous German Fair.

Intermot has decided to decline the 2021 option given the already present financial crisis. 

In any case, in order not to leave fans alone, the German organization is working to present a new Intermot, completely streaming.

What should EICMA do? It should move towards the same direction and propose some online events to keep engage the supporters of the event.



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