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WOOLF meets Edoardo and Valentina from HP BIKERS
Do you know what it’s like to grow up with motorcycles? Today’s #WOOLFINTERVIEW is with Edoardo and Valentina from HP Bike!

Hi guys, introduce yourselves!

Edoardo: Hi everyone, I’m Edoardo Bianchi. I’m almost 22 and I was born on September 9, 1998.

I live in Casteggio, province of Pavia. I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast since I was a child.

Valentina: Hi guys! I’m Valentina from Hp Bikers.
I have an indefinite age… Let’s say that I’m 24ish!I won’t say how old I really am because it’s more of a game to define my age!
I’m a motorcyclist and I love everything related to the motorcycling world.

I’m currently working in a motorcycle clothing store. 

Tell us how your passion for motorcycles was born!

Edoardo: I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast for practically all my life! My passion was born when I was very young, thanks to my grandfather who always worked with engines.

When I was a child I always looked at motorcycles! On my seventh birthday, my grandad gave me a mini motocross bike.

As soon as I was old enough, I got my license to ride around.
Even though I’m a student, I was able to travel 15,000 km in just a year! I never stopped.

Valentina: My passion for the two wheels was born in a very funny way.
When I was very very young I got a Peg Perego mini bike that ran on batteries as a gift.

When I was 7, I was put on a fifty cross bike. That day I understood that in my life there would be motorbikes so then as I grew up, so did the engine capacity. 

What’s your favorite bike of all time? 

Edoardo: That’s a good question! The choice is pretty tough! If I have to think of a bike that impressed me the most, I could tell you the KTM superduke 1290, the 2016 model, that really impressed me.

Then when they made the 2017 model, with the double Led headlamp, I said wow! It was the bomb! I would get a bike like this.

Valentina:  I can say that I’m in love with my 390 2017 Duke.

It’s a bike that has taken me everywhere and given me so many emotions. I could tell you that the best bike I have tried so far i is the Duke 790!

Speaking of aesthetics, it may sound absurd but I adored the first bike I rode as a passenger because I saw it as my dad’s bike, my hero.

It’s HD CAGIVA 350 ALA ROSSA, a sort of Enduro road bike.

Let’s talk about travel. What are the most beautiful motorcycle trips you’ve ever done?

Edoardo: Last summer, with two friends, we were out 3 days for a total of 800-900 km, diluted in 3 days. It was really nice.

Nobody imposing rules, times, schedules on us. We decided when to stop, when to leave, where to go.

On that lap we should have gone on the Stelvio, passing through the Gavia, but we couldn’t because the Gavia was closed due to the collapse of rocks on the road and so we went around other passes.

We crossed the Tonale, we went over the Mendola pass, we went over the Tovel lake, it was really nice.

I was the one who pulled the group, also having the navigator. Unforgettable!

I hope that this year we will be able to make a trip of more days again, always in Trentino. I want to discover the places we didn’t see last year. 

Valentina: I think that the great thing about motorcycle trips is to travel with your best friends.

Speaking of longer trips, I remember the one we took from Boghera to Rome on the 390 with a friend of mine.

In one day we did 750 km between steps with side bags, backpack, weights. I was exhausted!

Another memorable trip is the one I made with Edoardo.
We went from Domodossola, passing by the Toce waterfall, to Locarno.

We then traveled 90 km under the storm and it was incredible. It was really unforgettable.

What about EICMA 2020?

Edoardo: I haven’t been following EICMA’s events much.
I heard some rumors about some houses that decided not to go.

Now EICMA is very important abroad as well. I do not think that the virus, even if it is decreasing, can disappear completely within 6 months. I’m no expert on this and I don’t know much about it.

The important thing is that if it will be done, safety comes first.

Valentina: I don’t have a good feeling about EICMA 2020. I believe that unless the COVID situation is permanently eradicated, it will not happen.

They could create something different in my opinion! In fact, since there were many people who smart worked, I noticed that interesting thing were invented.

Also, the manufacturers of motorbikes and motorcycle clothing could create a sort of online EICMA where they allow people to see new products.

It could be an interesting thing, but logically at no cost. A real shame for EICMA.

Thank you for your time, guys!

Edoardo e Valentina: Thank you! See you soon!

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