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Super fun & in love with the two and four wheels: today’s #WOOLFINTERVIEW is with Karim Safi, known on the web as Kappa83TS.

What, some of you still don’t know him?! Let’s fix that right now!

Introduce yourself!

My name is Karim and I’m 37 years old… I devote 50% to cars and 50% to motorbikes, even if it’s mainly the motorbike my real passion!

How was your passion for two wheels born?

Thanks to my father, former Formula 3 driver, champion of a national amateur championship in Switzerland. My father has always had sports cars. That’s where my passion for motors was born.
As soon as the GoPro pocket camcorders came out on the market I started shooting some videos, dedicating myself to the birth and growth of my YouTube channel. Then, since I met WOOLF, I avoided (luckily!) all possible and imaginable fines!

Which is your favorite bike of all time?

Um… I would say that at the beginning my favorite bike was the 1998 R1 carburetor. But then when KTM presented the first 1290, I changed my mind and in fact, I realized my dream!

What are the most beautiful motorcycle trips you have ever done?

The most beautiful motorcycle trip I have ever done is the one that I organized last year: I did it with my friends, the GHEROPPA TOUR 2019. For those who are curious, there is also a video on my YouTube channel!
We started our trip from Trieste, heading towards Slovenia. We went to the famous mountain Kranjska Gora, where they also do the World Ski Championships, and from there we went to Austria, we did the whole tour of Lake Weissensee, then we went to Grossglockner, Italy again to reach the Stelvio and from there we came back down the Dolomites and then back again.
The duration of the trip was 4 days, 1500Km. We arrived home destroyed, but it will remain forever in my memories! Luckily I made that video, so I will always have a memory of this experience.

What is the most interesting bike of 2020 in your opinion?

I think the Ducati Streetfighter is the coolest and therefore… the best-selling bike!

What about EICMA 2020?

First of all, will they really organize EICMA 2020? Well… In any case, I think that even if the event is confirmed, 40/50% of companies will not participate. Obviously I hope I’m wrong, but given the crisis and the problems of Covid-19, I see it really hard.
The companies that will participate will have 50% fewer visitors. This will happen because people in recent months have not received their salary and the redundancy fund is struggling to get there, so spending money on entertainment will be out of the question.

I hope I’m wrong in everything I say, but unfortunately with the work I do, I see that there is a 50/80% drop in car sales, which is more of a necessity than motorcycles… Let alone the world of motorcycles! Having said that, we hope that the event will be confirmed safely and to be crazy as always!

And now let’s move on to some questions from your followers! Here’s the first one: what will your next bike be?

I think I’ll stay with KTM and get the 1290 model back. The best bike in the segment in my opinion and the most versatile bike from city to track use.

Do you like long laps on a bike?

Yes! I like long laps during the day, but never more than 400km a day! I want it to be fun and not an effort: the bike for me is fun and carefree, but always with my head on my shoulders.

Better bike or car?

The car is fun, but the adrenaline that a bike gives you is incomparable… and I think you agree with me too!

Thank you so much for your time, Karim!

Thank you, guys. See you next time!

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