No idea of what to do at Ferragosto?

If you’re stuck and you have no idea what to do, here you can find THE TOP 3 MOTORBIKES FERRAGOSTO TRIPS to discover Italy with your motorbike!

A journey between the lakes in the Ampezzo Valley.

If mountains are your cup of tea this is definitely the route for you! The best place where to start is Rifugio Auronzo. From there you can enjoy the view of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Let’s go! The first stop is Antorno lake, which is just a few minutes far away. From there we suggest moving towards Misurina lake, the biggest lake in the Cadore area.

There is no better option than to have lunch in the beautiful Cortina D’Ampezzo where you can taste the local food, such as canederli e casunziei, and have a look around the city center.

Where next? Along the panoramic way 638 you can enjoy the Dolomites till Alleghe where you can stop and discover its mysteries.

Let’s wrap this tour up in Predazzo, our final stop, famous for its minerals.

Mount Saint Bartolo and the beautiful coast of Marche. 

Our tour starts from the so-called San Bartolo Park, which is situated in the north of Marche. This incredible park is long 12 km and you can discover it along the Adriatic scenic route.

The landscape is rich in the typical flora of the Mediterranean and it is surrounded by cliffs and caves.Along the route, there are many villages where you can stop.

You can’t miss the chance to visit Gabicce Monte and Gabicce Mare!Another must-see is Casteldimezzo where there is the 500 years old Santuario del Santissimo Crocifisso.

Let’s continue along the scenic way! Pesaro is definitely worth a visit with its beautiful historical city center and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Our tour ends in Fano where you can have a look around in the small city center full of roman rests from the Arco Augusto till the Mura Augustee.

From Porto Cervo to Tonnara, enjoy the Sardinian north coast.

Sardinia offers many routes for bikers and it is great for bikers who love to relax on beautiful beaches!

Are you ready? Let’s start from Porto Cervo, apart from the incredible beaches, as the capital of the Emerald Coast, this is the right place if you want to meet some celebrities.

But let’s move towards our second stop, Santa Teresa di Gallura. Here you can chill on the beautiful beach of Rena di Ponente.

After a bit of relax, it’s time to explore another amazing spot Castelsardo, have a stroll in the medieval city center, and enjoy the view.

It’s time to change scenery and jump into crystal clear water, guess where? Balai beach near, Porto Torres is the next stop.

Then leave for the last beach where you can watch an unforgettable sunset on La Pelosa beach and end your day with fresh a drink.

These are our TOP 3 MOTORBIKES FERRAGOSTO TRIPS! What are your plans for Ferragosto?

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