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He’s a lover of nature, especially when it comes into contact with the two wheels: today’s #WOOLFINTERVIEW is with Andrea, known on social media as AndyEx!

Ready? Here we go!

Hi, Introduce yourself!
Hi! My name is Andrea, on social media I’m known as AndyEx, I’m 32 years old and I live in Trieste. I work as an industrial electrician and as a hobby, I started vlogging on YouTube.

How was your passion for two wheels born?
As for other Creators, my passion for motors is not limited to the two wheels, but I love everything about this world!

Since I was a child I loved to hear the roar of racing cars and motorcycles, I was enchanted to see them speeding along the straights, not to mention those extreme overtaking on corners.

But the feeling of freedom when you’re on a bike in contact with nature is unparalleled! Thinking of getting to the top of a mountain after taking the curves of a step, driving while savoring the scents of nature is something that no other means of transport can give you. I think it’s fantastic!

What’s your favorite bike of all time?
Look, if I had to think of a bike that has always aroused emotions in me, I would answer that there is one bike in particular that caught my attention: the BMW S1000rr with those two “squint” headlights.
Sooner or later I’ll buy it, it’s my goal!

What are the most beautiful motorcycle trips you’ve ever done?
The most beautiful motorcycle trip? Mmh, when I think about it in my experience in this world I haven’t traveled much yet.

I can say, however, that precisely because of the love I feel for nature, and the sensations I have to drive between the curves of a step and get to the top of a mountain, I have often traveled to spend the weekend in the mountains, usually in Trentino.

Which is the coolest bike of 2020 in your opinion?
For this question, I should pretend not to be a BMW lover and therefore avoid being biased, but I can’t do it.

However, I can say that as a bike outside the BMW world I was impressed by the CBR 1000rr-r and the Aprilia RS660. I think they are really beautiful.

What do you want to do when you grow up?
Right now, when I think about my projects, I feel like smiling. Because of the coronavirus, I had to put all my projects on standby.

Nowadays it’s not easy to make predictions or design something, everything is so unstable!
I can say that luckily something is unlocking, though slowly, but we have to hope for the future. We need and desire to return to normal, and with it also to return to planning the future!

We all hope you can return to normal soon, and we hope you get back to what you put on standby and achieve all your goals! 
Thank you, AndyEX! 
Thanks to you guys, see you soon!

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