WOOLF/Vibra Bee


One size fits all

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WOOLF/Vibra Bee – Driving Assistant – One size fits all

Get speed trap warnings with WOOLF/Vibra Bee

No matter if you are driving a motorbike or a car – always get notified of speed traps wherever you are in the world.

WOOLF/Vibra Bee is the driving assistant for cars and motorbikes, indispensable to prevent fines and loss of license points for simple distractions.

Design: elegant and minimal with application of the Rubber Finish metal logo. The exclusive Double Bubble case guarantees a better perception of vibration. The micro USB plug-in window is protected by a water-repellent silicone flap

Case: made of Nylon ABS Top Performance, light, resistant to impacts, oils and hydrocarbons.

Strap: in high quality silicone, soft and consistent for a pleasant comfort even when worn for a long time. Multi-Level perforated design allows for greater breathability and safe and precise adjustments to each wrist.

Thanks to well perceptible vibrations, WOOLF/Vibra will alert you when approaching  speed cameras, traffic light cameras, average speed cameras, and more without audio or visual distractions.

WOOLF/Vibra alerts you when approaching speed traps with increasing perceivable vibrations.

  • Your eyes always on the road! WOOLF devices are connected to all the roads in the world. They work in over  90 countries with more than 120,000 points.
  • Awarded with the CES Innovation Awards 2019 by the Consumer Electronics Association of Las Vegas in the category Wearable Technologies.
  • No subscription fees!
  • They do not require a constant internet connection.
  • They works thanks to Bluetooth™ with multiple devices at the same time! Even with the screen off, calls in progress on your smartphone and headsets / interphone connected.
  • They are equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that guarantees over one month of operation with a single charge.
  • Easy to use! Pair them with WOOLF_ID app. Download it for free from the AppStore and PlayStore. NOTE: not available on AppGallery.
  • The instruction manual is contained in the package.

Avoid speeding tickets & drive safe!