QUIXX Tyre Shine Colour



A refreshment with the QUIXX Tyre Shine Colour can be worthwhile and maybe bring a few euros more.

But also otherwise perfect tyres are simply more attractive.

Thanks to innovative QUIXX black polymer technology, even old, weathered and matt tyres quickly look clean, black and absolutely new again.

Product details:

  • Distinctive black colour for a long-lasting silk matt look
  • Changes the colour of the tyre from grey to deep black
  • Simple, fast and effective application.
  • Dries quickly, is not sticky and does not gather dust.
  • Particularly resistant to weathering, automatic car washes and UV light.
  • Professional quality results.
  • Can also be used other automotive parts made of rubber.

Let’s get started: The all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils you need for making repairs.


Note: The product is shipped from a centralized warehouse in Europe. Shipping time can exceed 3 days.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 10 cm