• The vibrations are perfectly perceptible
  • It works in 90 Countries with over 120 000 marked points
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Rechargeable battery (micro-USB cable included)
  • No Subscription Fee


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Transmits alert vibrations at your belt or in the pocket.
Does not disturb or distract from driving
For Cars and Motorbikes


The device that gives reliable and perceptible vibrations when approaching Speed Cameras, Traffic Cameras, Tutor entrances and more!


Indispensable for avoiding tickets and loss of licence points.
Forget penalties for simple distractions!


  • No subscription costs!
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Compatible with smartphones Android 8 – iOS 11 and later.


  • with Bluetooth and GPS switched on.
  • in over 90 countries with more than 120,000 points of interest.
  • even with screen off, calls in progress, headset or bike intercom connected.
  • does not require a constant internet connection.


  • Download the free WOOLF_ID App from the AppStore or PlayStore.

  • Pair WOOLF/Ring with your smartphone.
  • Register in just one step, following the guided procedure.
  • Choose your points of interest, warning distance and the country you are in.
  • Wear WOOLF and drive with peace of mind.
  • Join our Community: You can actively contribute to the improvement of the maps by reporting changes or the installation of new points of interest directly in the app.


  • Invisible and practical, suitable for use in cars and on motorbikes.


Awarded the 2019 CES Innovation Awards by the Consumer Electronics Association in Las Vegas in the Wearable Technologies category.


WOOLF is legal worldwide with some exceptions where there are limitations on the use of signalling devices. In France the device complies with the current regulations. The specific setting must be selected in the app to comply with regulations in the Country. In Germany and Austria there are restrictions. In Switzerland, Cyprus, Macedonia and Turkey, NO SIGNALLING DEVICE MAY BE USED.

It works in 90 Countries with over 120,000 points reported.

Andorra (AND), Argentina (RA), Armenia (ARM), Australia (AUS), Austria (A), Belgium (B), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), Brazil (BR), Bulgaria (BG), Canada (CDN ), Chile (RCH), China (RCC), Croatia (HR), Cyprus (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Estonia (EST), Finland (FI), France (FR), France DOM-ROM (FRDR) , Germany (D), Great Britain (GB), Greece (GR), Hong Kong (HK), Hungary (H), Iceland (IS), Ireland (IRL), Israel (IL), Italy (I), Jordan ( JOR), Kuwait (KWT), Latvia (LV), Liechtenstein (LI), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (L), Malaysia (MAL), Malta (M), Morocco (MA), Namibia (NAM), Netherlands ( NL), New Zealand (NZ), Norway (NO), Oman (OM), Paraguay (PY), Poland (PL), Portugal (P), Qatar (Q), Romania (RO), Russia (RUS), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Serbia (SRB), Singapore (SGP), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SLO), South Africa (ZA), Spain (ES), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), Taiwan (RCT) , Thailand (T), Tunisia (TN), Turkey (TR), USA (USA), Ukraine (UA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Zimbabwe (ZW).

The WOOLF Intelligent Drive App is compatible with thousands of smartphones:

  • iPhones with iOS operating system 11 or higher
  • Android smartphones with operating system 8 or higher
  • Bluetooth™ 4.0 or higher
  • Gyroscope

NOTE: Available on AppStore and PlayStore. NOT AVAILABLE on AppGallery

There is no payment of any subscription fees for periodic updates.

Our exclusive low consumption vibrating units develop over 13,000 RPM and outperform any other vibration. They guarantee excellent perception on every car or motorcycle.

With a very normal micro USB cable, included in the package. The lithium battery is rechargeable and provides more than one month’s operation per charge.

There is no need for a permanent Internet connection, which is recommended only during database updates.

All WOOLF products are entirely made in Italy, with selected electronic components. The Moto wristband and the Ring keyring have water-repellent leather inserts, made by expert leather artisans.